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About Us

We appreciate your interest in Smith Power Boats! This web site features the SMITH 45' Power Boat. Our boats are limited production semi-custom with emphasis on quality and dependability. They are constructed of, and equipped with, the finest parts and materials available.

Smith Power Boats feature the POWER-VENT™ drive system.

This simple robust drive is state-of-the-art, providing far greater efficiency for propelling and controlling our high speed boats. The POWER-VENT™ drive is the first high-performance marine propulsion system that is designed and engineered into the boat's hull during the molding process as an integral part of the hull.

The POWER-VENT system is as simple and dependable as a shaft strut and rudder inboard, yet has shallow draft like a water jet, combined with the speed and fuel efficiency of a surface drive. Performance-minded boaters reap the benefits of running modern surfacing propellers with virtually maintenance-free reliability.


Don Smith with the Smith 45 CDF featuring Power Vent technology.


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